Student Accommodation in Dublin and Ireland

The life of a student in Dublin is exciting and fast paced. You get to learn so much of the Irish culture and get a chance to see the preserved history in places such as The Trinity College. Finding a good place to lay your head at night, that place you can call home while you study can be an uphill task if you don’t know where to look. You could very well get conned of your money if not careful. Here, we give you a list of recognized student accommodation in Dublin and Ireland.

Accommodation in Dublin

If you are going tTrinity University Collegeo school in Trinity University College in Dublin you need to get accommodation close to it. You can get apartments as close as a quarter a kilometer away, which is less than five minutes walk to the college. Shared apartments are available and they start up from as low as 500 Euros a month. Room shares are also available and are significantly lower at around 300 Euros a month.

If you are looking for a rented apartment by your own the cheapest you can get around this area goes for 1,500 Euros per month for a one-bedroom. A good number of apartments offer weekly lets starting from around 675 Euros a week, which is significantly more expensive than monthly lets.

Accommodation in Ireland

Outside of the city center, in a town like Shannon, rent comes down to around 600 Euros for a two bedroom apartment. This is in close proximity to Shannon College of Hotel Management. These apartments are spacious enough to share rent with a friend or two as it will significantly reduce it. Shared accommodation is affordable, starting from as low as 250 Euros.

Renting charges across Ireland depend on the economic activity and population of the city or town the property is in. For a populous and attractive city like Dublin, rent is significantly higher, in comparison to small and lowly populated towns and counties.