Some of the Best Places to Stay in Ireland

Ireland has some of the most magical places in the world. It bears a rich history which it has preserved over the centuries, and which you can now enjoy. It carries romance in the air and a festive cheer among the locals. Here are some of the best places to stay in Ireland.

Ashford Castle Hotel

Sitting on 350 acres of land and being astride the northern shore of Lake Corrib, Ashford Castle Hotel is the picture of peace and tranquility that you desire. 30 minutes from Galway City, Ashford Castle presents a place where you can enjoy outdoor country activities like falconry, cycling, and archery. Its position next to the lake makes this castle the best place for you to engage in salmon and trout fishing, which are in abundance here.

Ballinwillin House

BALLINWILLIN HOUSEWithin Mitchelstown in County Cork lies Ballinwillin House, which is an 80-acre farm. Within this
farm, you get to lose yourself in a natural landscape where the deer run free. The farm offers you traditional Irish food to enjoy including boar meat for breakfast. Ballinwillin House also offers the longest biking trail in Ireland.

Kelly’s Resort Hotel & Spa

When you think of a getaway you are also thinking of having some time out to get pampered. This hotel offers just that from its well of indoor activities. Soak in the wellness center treatment, detox within its seawater vitality pool, or from its rock sauna. You have the freedom of two indoor swimming pools and even the soothing effects of a steam room that will get you revitalized during your stay.

The Old Inn

Nestled within Crawfordsburn in County Down is the 16th century inn, the oldest constantly used inn in the market. When looking for a romantic getaway in Ireland, this inn offers you the comforting and relaxing atmosphere to enjoy with your loved one. The warm ambiance is captivating to the heart, as is the dining in the parlor bar and the restaurant offering seasonal local cuisine.