Ireland is an island filled with a hospitable people. It boasts over 3,500 locations; from quaint and humble to five-star finery. There are establishments that will make you feel like you are in your mother’s kitchen, yet others that will make you feel like royalty reborn. With such a wide spread of quaint, elegant, discrete, homely, as well as kingly abodes, do you know where you are staying while in Ireland?

The Quaint

When you think about getting away from all the hustle and bustle of the city, you desire a place that can transport you to the slow and easy way of life. Irish farmhouses offer you just this. You are set to an adventurous life out in the farms interacting with the routines of a farming family. You can be assured of a quaint experience when you get a self-catering cottage too.

The Elegant

We know that you desire to have the finer things of life, even if for just a few days, and that is what we offer you in these five-star and four-star hotels in Ireland. Exemplary service at your beck and call, a restaurant with master chefs and a menu oozing with class are what these establishments offer you.

The Discrete

If you wish to disappear from it all for a few days you have the option of renting self-catering townhouses or apartments or even checking into a guest house that serves you discretely. They give you the freedom to lay low as you unwind in peace.

The Homely

Sometimes we just miss the interaction of other humans. When in need of this warmth, you can get into a homely country house or townhouse B&B that will give you warm hosts who will cater to you and provide you with good company as you get to know Ireland better.

The Kingly

Ireland castle hotelIreland has a rich history and bears it proudly with restored castles and manors. These serve as hotels in some instances. You can get to enjoy this kingly treatment in these unique accommodations that will give you a holida
y to remember.