Ireland is an attractive island with a temperate oceanic climate that attracts tourists all year round. Complementing this fine weather are bespoke accommodation facilities spread out through the island. You are assured that the people of Ireland have a welcoming spirit as easy going as the climate. Ireland is able to keep this high standard of comfort delivery by having governing bodies that ensure establishments are up to par with the said standards.

Such a governing body is Failte Ireland, which is the National Tourism Development Authority. It rates the different accommodation facilities based on their quality of service. Not only does it do this, but it also provides advice and support to you through its various agencies when you come in as a visitor.

The Northern Ireland Tourist Board is yet another body that caters to the assessment of accommodations in Northern Ireland. They ensure that the accommodations are up to par with quality standards and that they are able to deliver the high level of comfort you deserve.

The hotels we have in Ireland are set up to provide the latestFive star and four-star hotels in amenities and comforts. Five star and four-star hotels offer you the best of luxurious accommodation. Three-star and two-star offer you keen service as family-run establishments, though some of the three-star hotels are city hotels. One-star hotels give you the necessary amenities without much fanfare. You may get some bedrooms with their own private bathrooms.

Other accommodations include guesthouses and bed & breakfast which offer a charming interaction with your hosts. B&Bs in Ireland have the indulgence of being diverse, offering you the right atmosphere you seek. Town homes give you the freedom of accommodation close to city and transportation facilities. Country homes take you away from the hustle and bustle of the city into a relaxed atmosphere while farmhouses offer the indulgence of interacting with the farm’s daily running. Historic houses are there for you who has a need to satisfy a deeper calling to adventure. Other accommodations are hostels, camping, and self-catering facilities.