Ireland’s Most Haunted Hotels

Ireland enjoys a long and rich history, bubbling with myth and legend. It’s inevitable that there are a great many ghost stories originating from this ancient land. If you have an interest in the supernatural, why not check in to some of the most haunted hotels in the country?

Kinnitty Castle Hotel

Built in 1209, the Gothic architecture screams haunted hotel, and certainly sends a shiver down the spine, but not so much as the paranormal activity felt here. Many guests have left in the night after feeling distinctly uneasy. But it is the Monk of Kinnitty that enjoys the most fame. Witnessed by guests and staff, he apparently communicates with one employee in particular!

Maldron Hotel

Maldron HotelOriginally a hospital when it was built in 1720, the Maldron has certainly seen its share of death. Broken mirrors and other equipment are just the tip of the iceberg, with guests and staff experiencing terrifying encounters. The ghost of a woman who died while giving birth is said to be the most tenacious ghostly resident.

Ballygally Castle Hotel

Dating back to 1625, the castle is home to many ghosts. It is Lady Isobel who is most well known, however. The former resident was locked in her room and starved to death, after disappointing her husband by giving birth to a girl rather than a boy. Allegedly, she grabbed her baby girl and leapt from the window. Her knocking at doors is a common sound, but not as blood curdling as the wailing of her baby daughter.

Dobbins Inn

Built in the 13th century, this former tower house hosts a number of ghostly figures. The hotel was previously used to shelter Catholic priests in troubled times and it is said that such a priest can still be seen roaming the reception. The most famous resident is Elizabeth, the wife of a former owner. The story goes that Elizabeth was having an affair with a soldier stationed nearby. Her husband, Hugh Dobbins, discovered the betrayal and put them both to the sword. Many a guest has been woken by a ghostly touch since then…