Hotel Accommodation in Ireland

Ireland has a diverse number of hotels to offer you and they are also of different types. You can get hotels in kingly castles, those that are housed in country clubs, period houses, luxury and contemporary houses, as well as attractive family-run small hotels. All these hotels have a mark of approval from Ireland’s National Tourism Development Authority, which rates them per the service they offer and the class of hotel that they are. Here we help you understand how to know which will serve you best.

One-Star Hotels

These hotels have minimal service. They offer good service, though they only offer the basic amenities that you require for a comfortable stay. The guest rooms in some of them have private bathrooms, giving more privacy.

Two-Star Hotels

These hotels are usually small enterprise hotels that are family operated. The beauty of these establishments is that they are more homely than not. They offer comfortable facilities with a telephone and a bathroom in each guest room. These hotels also offer dining services.

Three-Star Hotels

Three-star hotels range from family-THREE-STAR HOTELSrun large hotels to small city hotels. They offer bathrooms in all guest rooms. They also have restaurant facilities with good, quality food on offering which is set to tantalize your taste buds and nourish you for the duration of your stay.

Four-Star Hotels

These hotels are in the upper echelons and include modern hotels and exquisite period houses. they offer you a bespoke service, ensuring you have all the desired comforts. They have both suite and half-suite packages, while including in house world class restaurant service.

Five-Star Hotels

At the top most rank are five-star hotels which offer you a refreshing package in these stately accommodations. You have a selection of country clubs, grand castles, as well as top of the league city hotels to choose from. With service a ring away, and the packages tailor-made for you, we guarantee you will have a holiday to remember in these accommodations.