Finding decent accommodations in Ireland can be an uphill task with the wide variety on offer. If you are not sure which establishment you are going to and its location, you can be easily waylaid, and have a horrendous experience to write home about. We have some safe-sure ways you can use to get decent accommodation of your choice.

Be Accommodation Specific

Ireland has a variety of accommodations to offer you. This is from hotels, inns, hostels, to guesthouses. When you are doing your search you will need to be specific on the accommodation type you want. This will help you get search specific results that can help you get a list of preferred locations.

Book Outside Peak Season

Ireland has highly fluctuating accommodation prices. Because of this, we suggest that you do your search ahead of the peak season which can get the prices rising steadily. You will find that in low season, which is just weeks before summer, prices in four-star establishments can be fair and affordable. We advise you to take advantage of this time and grab yourself a good deal before the high season raises the prices. You can get prices at as low as 70% discount at this time.

Tap Into Association and Company Listings

There are different companies and associations that rank and upsell good establishments. The Tourism Board is an active playB&Bser here as it rates certified establishments. Not all establishments accept ranking, and that doesn’t necessarily mean they are shoddy. Some of the associations to look out for are Hidden Ireland when searching for elegant B&Bs in historic buildings, and Irish Farm Holidays Association when searching for farmhouse B
&Bs. Trident Holiday Homes are a good resource for self-catering homes while The Irish Landmark Trust is a body that restores and offers accommodation in fairly priced historical buildings.

It is also possible to get assistance from the tourist booking office if you find yourself stuck. Ireland has an online booking system called Gulliver that will find you a place at your budget.