Camping in Ireland

Ireland, with its fantastic views and rolling landscapes, is a wonderful country to go camping in. When the weather is fine, it’s an unbeatable experience, but there is something to be said for “surviving” a storm as well! It’s a great option for anyone hiking or enjoying a road trip around the Emerald Island. Affordable campsites can be found all over the country, from simple fields to luxury glamping sites.

Be Prepared

It’s good practice not to leave setting your tent up until the first night of camping. Instead give it a practice run in the garden, check it for tears and ensure that it is waterproof. This last point is important. Everyone knows Ireland enjoys its fair share of rain! With that in mind, prepare a dry bag for your valuables, as well as waterproof clothes and shoes.

City Camping

Camping is no longer limited to the countryside. Most of the larger cities in Ireland have a campsite or two on the outskirts. Well equipped and very affordable, they’re ideal for an alternative city break. There are often decent public transport links to and from the campsite as well.


If you’re looking for something a little more refined, glamping is a good idea. Glamourous camping has really taken off in Ireland, with sites offering Mongolian yurts, Romany caravans, shepherds huts and eco pods in place of traditional tents. Others offer yoga classes and fine dining. It’s the ideal solution for those interested in camping, but who don’t have any of the equipment.

Wild CampingWild Camping

With permission from the land owner, you are able to pitch up anywhere in Ireland. The owner could be the local council or a farmer. For a little adventure, wild camping is fantastic. Enjoy camping amid the mountains, or overlooking the sea. If you decide on a farmer’s field, speak with them first and be sure you have their permission. Perhaps a bottle of booze will ease things along! Most farmers are friendly and are more than happy to let you use their land and even facilities.