Accommodation Options for International Students in Ireland

Going to study in a foreign country is quite the adventure. There are challenges that you will face, though; one of the greatest being accommodation. Here we show you the different accommodation options you have in Ireland in order to settle in quickly and safely.

On-Campus Accommodation

This form of accommodation is the best for students as it offers a safe and long-term solution for your stay. Here, you will most likely get to have a shared apartment between four to eight people with shared amenities like a kitchen, common area, and bathroom. You are required to pay a one month’s refundable deposit on entry while you pay for the accommodation in bi-annual payments. The only catch here is on-campus is highly coveted and rather expensive too.

Host families

Host families are the most attractive accommodation for international students. The reason why is because they offer the most affordable, safe, and convenient way to start out life in Ireland. You get to have your own room and share the rest of the amenities with the host family. You will most likely get breakfast and dinner inclusive of your rent which you pay every month. The beauty to this is having the comfort of a family as you venture into this foreign land.

Rented Accommodation

In this type of accommodation. you get to lease a rental space for nine to twelve months. It can be either a bed-sit or an apartmeRENTED ACCOMMODATIONnt. It is the most expensive type of accommodation as you will have to buy a few items, pay a month’s deposit as well as cater to monthly utility bills. On top of this, you will cater to your own kitchen budget. The way around this cost is to get a flat or apartment as a group of students.


Caution is advised when looking for accommodation as a student. You should use the safe confines of the university’s Accommodation office to assist you to get a place to stay.