Accommodation Choices in Ireland

Ireland has over 3,500 accommodation options to choose from. Here we offer you all the accommodation choices in Ireland for you to make an informed decision on where you’re staying. These are:

  • Hotels
  • Hostels
  • B&Bs
  • Self-catering
  • Guest Houses
  • Camping.


Hotels offer you the luxury accorded by modern amenities and range in class from five-star finery to one-star establishments with the basic amenities. Five-star establishments vary from country clubs, town hotels, to even castles. Depending on the level of luxury that you desire we give you the information you need to choose.


The hostels we offer you here are consistent to being affordable yet maintaining a high standard of service. We have hostels that offer you comfortable sleeping areas, self-catering kitchens, as well as cozy lounge areas where you can interact with other holiday makers.


Bed and Breakfast accommodation in Ireland is quaint, allowing you a homely environment that is relaxed and inviting. Ireland has four types of B&Bs namely: townhome, country home, farmhouse, and historic houses. This offers you an exceptional experience regardless of the one you choose.


Self-cateringSelf-catering establishments offer you the diversity of choice. We have townhouses, cottages, apartments, among others, that offer you the freedom to cater to yourself w
hile providing you with the amenities you need to make for a comfortable stay.

Guest Houses

These type of accommodation offers you refined accommodation if you choose to go to a four-star establishment, which is the highest tier in Ireland. You get restaurant services, and bespoke half suite rooms in these while the lower tier houses still provide you with quality service.


Here we give you an outdoor experience worth remembering. You have a choice among all the parks available depending on what you desire. Be it simple camping, to all afforded amenities in a caravan setting.